HIBT Leader Board 2010
Fish SponsorDistance
1 Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council 2282 nm
2 Laguna Niguel Billfish Club #1&2 1363 nm
5 JGFA Phoenix Fishing Club 997 nm
4 Kona Game Fishing Club Miyake 775 nm
9 Team Malaka and Bob and Sally Kurz 897 nm
3 Stephen Chow and Bob Duerr 691 nm
6 Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council 500 nm
8 Dan Holt, Out of the Blue Fishing Club 102 nm
10 Pajaro Valley Gamefish Club #1 and Hilton Grand Vacations Club - Japan 85 nm
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Two more tags up, and a new leader!

On Friday September 24 a new tag reported in - this one from 775 nautical miles southeast of Hawaii, making it the new Great Marlin Race leader.  The tag was from Fish 4, sponsored by the Kona Game Fishing Club Miyake.  It was placed on a 175 lb. marlin caught by Robert O'Dea, fishing on Malolo.  Captain Guy Terwilliger placed the tag on the marlin, which appears to have been moving in the same general direction as Fish 3 and Fish 6.

However, Fish 4's lead was eclipsed less than 2 weeks later when a new tag popped up much further to the east -- about 1,363 nautical miles from Kona!  This tag, deployed on Fish 2, was sponsored by the Laguna Niguel Billfish Club, Teams #1 and 2.  The 180 lb. marlin was caught by Bob Dudley and tagged by Captain Boyd DeCoito of Foxy Lady.  As of now, this is our race leader - although with 5 tags still in the water, and half the race to go, anything can happen.  Stay tuned!

Updated map showing pop-up locations for the first five tags.  Click here to see the interactive map.